Oakengates Nursery School

Welcome to our Rising 2's Room

                                        15-24 Months                                                 


Once young children have become skilled in controlling their bodies to move about freely, they are ready for a new challenge where they can assert their sense of identity and master the skills of independence. We believe once a child is ready for that challenge they should be given those experiences and opportunities to continue to grow and develop at their own pace.

Our Rising 2's Room offers young children many opportunities to experiment, explore and take appropriate risk that will prepare them for the learning and development of the Toddler room but still have the nurture and reassurance from their key person in a safe and encouraging environment.

The Environment

The environment is carefully planned to meet the outcomes of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) and inspires little learners by motivating and encouraging them to explore new experience's and share their achievements with their peers.

The resources and areas very much reflect how young children play, supporting the beginnings of make believe and role playing whilst also nurturing our budding artists and creators with construction and creative spaces.


The Curriculum

The experience's we plan for our Rising 2's have a particular focus on children's social relationships and sense of identity. We support children's confidence to try new challenges and test their expectations whist growing their self-esteem and ability to understand the rules of playing together.

The Prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (Personal, Social & Emotional, Communication & Language, Physical development) are very much the focus of planned experiences for the Rising 2's. They are the supporting developmental stages for children as they begin to develop their specific areas later in their education (literacy, Maths, Knowledge & understanding of the world, Expressive arts & design).

We strongly believe songs, rhymes and stories are integral for language development and promote this regularly throughout the curriculum.

We track how your child is developing by making regular observations of their achievements using a programme called '2simple' and assessing their learning using the EYFS 'Learning journey'. The Learning journey is accessible at all times for you to look at how your child is progressing and you can make appointments to speak to your babies key person or attend our termly stay and play sessions.



We believe your young child is unique and therefore we find out as much as we can about your home routines so that we can support their individual needs and interests.

We have a flexible rhythm of the day that sets out what your child will be accessing throughout the day.

Time Provision
7:30 Breakfast time
8:30 & 1:00 Welcome time
9:00 & 1:30 Music & Movement
9:30 & 2:30 Outdoor Provision
10.15 & 2:30 Snack time
10:45 & 3:00 Enhanced provision
11:30  & 3:45 Story/Song time
11:45  & 4:00 Lunch/High tea time
4:30-6:00 Enhanced provision

We will also give you a daily diary which shows details about your child's day so that you can follow how your child is doing, what they have eaten, how they have slept and what experiences they have enjoyed.


Meals & Snacks

Our meals are freshly prepared on site by our cook daily and all menus are developed by Telford and Wrekin ensuring they are healthy and balanced. Now your child has shown an interest in feeding themselves, we encourage this by allowing children to have more independence when they eat but offering a helping hand where needed. Food at this stage is cut into easy manageable chunks by the adults but children are encouraged to pour their own drinks when ready. The lunch and snack menus offer a range of healthy choices catering for all dietary needs including allergies.

Water is provided throughout the day with the addition of cows milk at snack times (or alternative milk for those with dairy allergies).


Home-School Links

During the induction we ask you to complete an 'All about my child' booklet that helps us to support your young child in their first days settling in.

We actively encourage parents and carers to get involved with their child's nursery education, inviting you in for termly stay & plays as well as contributing to your child's 'learning journey' by telling us about their achievements at home.

You will have the opportunity to take our mascot 'Bee Bear' home and tell us about the exciting things she does with your family by filling in her diary for us to share.

Each week during term time a weekly newsletter is published on the website that will inform you of what's happening in nursery, important dates, visitors, celebrations and what learning will be taking place. It will also inform you of any important events such as trips etc. that you may wish to get involved with.


Our Staff

All our Rising 2's children have a Key person that is there to help your child settle and be the point of reassurance when comfort is needed as well as track how they are developing and work together with you should you be concerned about your child's progress. 

Our staffing structure consists of a Supervisor supported by a team of practitioners that have a wealth of experience and training specifically for supporting young children's development. 


Keeping Safe

We ensure we adhere to the Ofsted Statutory requirements by having robust policies and procedures to safeguard your child such as regular sleep monitoring, secure nappy changing and more. We have no less that one adult to 3 children under 2 years on site and our outdoor area is secured so there is no access to unauthorised persons.

Ofsted reported in our school inspection (Sept 2017) 'Children's safety is of paramount importance to every member of staff. All staff are vigilant and have a thorough understanding of what to do if they have concerns about a child' they felt that 'Leaders go to great lengths to ensure that all early years welfare and safeguarding requirements are met and children are kept safe'

We will inform you if your child is unwell or has an accident whilst in our care though an accident form or a phone call, all parents & carers are required to fill in all permission documents on enrolment. All staff have regular and up to date first aid and child protection training.

We ensure all our policies are available by publishing them on the website for you to access, we encourage all our parents/carers to read them carefully.


Morning (Including Breakfast & Lunch): 7:30am - 1:00pm

Afternoon (Including Tea): 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Short Day (Including Lunch): 8:30am - 3:30pm

Full Day (Including Breakfast, Lunch & Tea): 7:30am - 6:00pm



Full Day 7.30-6.00:           £43.75

5 x full days:                    £207.81

Short day 8.30-3.30:        £30.00

5 x short days:                 £142.50

Morning 7.30-1.00:           £22.94

5 x mornings:                   £108.97

Afternoon 1.00-6.00:        £20.85

5 x afternoons:                 £99.04