Oakengates Nursery School

Here at Oakengates Nursery School we regularly ask our families for feedback about our Nursery.

This allows us to see what our strengths are and what areas we may need to develop.

Some of our most recent comments.......

- My child really enjoys Nursery, she has improved so much in reading and writing, she gets so excited and loves to show me when she gets new books, I love how the Nursery gives her different things to think about that she brings home and we can do together.

-I am pleased with my child's progress, I didn't expect her to be so independent in comparison to the last stay and play.

- We are happy with our child's progress, he can count to ten which is very impressive and he likes to read before he goes to bed.

- I am so pleased with my child's progress, he has developed so much since starting Nursery.

- My child is doing very well, every day he comes up with new things, he is recognising numbers, objects, colours, shapes, vehicles and letters. He loves to listen to music and dance, thank you for all that he is learning.

-my child has always ended the school day with "I had a good day".

-I feel the last few months have really prepared my child for the structure at school

-We are very pleased with the nursery and especially the staff here.

-I couldn't be happier with everything

-My child loves coming to nursery, she's made friends and improved hugely with her social skills.

-We feel that our child is progressing significantly well.

-All the girls seem lovely and very interactive with all the children.

-I thoroughly enjoy attending stay and play, it is invaluable being able to see what they do in Toddlers, I welcome the opportunity to come into Nursery.

-The Nursery provides good support.

-I still feel this Nursery is excellent.

-You have helped him allot more than we thought possible.

-The help and support he is receiving from staff is amazing, Thank you all.

-Thank you for all your support, Kindness, help and love.

-We are very happy with the nursery staff, they know our child inside and out, and that fills us with confidence.

-My child is saying more English words every day and I am happy with it.

-My child is happy and settled in the Toddler room, he is demonstrating improved skills and confidence overall.

-Well, what can I possibly say, my child is exceeding expectations, he is excelling in all areas, we are super pleased thank you for helping him progress.

- Looking at my child's profile, I feel my child is learning very well.